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I'm not sure I see anything sinister in folks getting an account and favoriting pictures here. I think there are lots of them. They may or may not be photographers themselves and may just enjoy looking at good quality images. The beauty of getting an account is that folks can favorite what they like and enjoy browsing that collection any time they like without having to dig for the pictures.

Some of these folks may also be trying to get their own work in, but just haven't broken through yet.

I agree with Michael Allen's statement earlier in this thread. In any crowd of people, there are always a few who don't play well. We can't let that change our behavior or make us suspicious of everyone. In the case of the guy whose activities precipitated this thread, it would appear that his usage of our pictures was more to enhance his popularity with people than any commercial enterprise. And, when caught red-handed, he appears to have discontinued what he was doing. End of story...hopefully.

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