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As one of those who enjoys favoriting (is that even a word?) others' pics, and don't have any posted myself, I say it certain isn't for lack of trying.

However my finances don't grant me anything better than a Kodak 7.1mp easyshare unit.

ALL of my pics have been denied. From steam ones with family appeal to parts of diesels enroute to Erie by truck:

Granted the first was denied for backlight, which was okay, fair enough, I deserved that (though you'd think taking a decent pic @ 70mph would garner a little sympathy) the second earned me yet another "Poor Esthetic Quality: This rejection reason means that the photo is of low esthetic qualities, or is simply not the type of material we are wishing to publish."

As for why I favorite images? 1 reason is because the topic is special to me (the Arcade & Attica or C&O 614/27**) or because the pic is of exceptional quality that I want to use it for my background on my desktop. All pics on my site:, are my own... a few of which were in fact denied as well.
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