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Originally Posted by SDavey View Post
Well since this goes along with those stealing photos from those who post on this site I will throw it out there.

I have noticed since the favoring function has been added most of those who favorite my shots do not seem to post themselves. My hunch is that they favorite for the purpose of using my photos and others for their own benefits, and I consider favoring over 5000 photos a bit excessive.

Maybe a limit to how many photos one can favorite could be a reasonable request. Here are a few that are known to favorite a ton.
CM Persky and David Nutter are two I recognize off the bat. Both seem to like everything I take, and everything that's added every single day. Anytime I see a favorite I think ''ooh someone cool...nope just Nutter Butter..''. This is probably going off topic but, he also seemed to abuse the comment system there for a while. With perfect grammar such as ''What an beautiful.''
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