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I am a 20+ year Mac user (scary) and have several PCs (100+) at the office over a 10 year period, so I have a decent background in using the two- I can not tell you over the years how much unproductive time and money (well into the thousands) has been wasted on PCs for various issues: viruses, networking, differences between "Home" and "Pro" versions (WTH, can't they just offer 1 single type of OS?), MS office problems with files not compatible with each other, etc. It's easy to be responsible for yourself, try being responsible for a bunch of employees, who are not always computer or virus savvy. I can not believe all the Vista problems still, what a joke.

My personal Macs? I've had only two minor hardware issues with a good 11 Macs (Between work and home), zero viruses, and pretty much zero lost time with compatibility issues, the exception being when they transitioned from OS9 to OS X and it was still relatively painless, which was a HUGE jump/and transition, but nothing like the Vista debacle.

Between the two, my personal opinion has been that PCs are for people who like to mess around with computers, MACs are are for people who like to get things done, and that the MAC OS is elegant, and very functional and user friendly. It just seems like everything takes longer to do on the PC compared with the MAC. My only complaints about Apple, their prices are still too high, and because they are now also the largest music reseller, and now phone maker, they are losing focus on their computers, again IMO. I can't complain though about the service, and quality of their products. I can think of very few brands that have performed as well as Apple for me, and is one of the very, very few brands I am loyal to.

As for the idea that MACs are preferred for photo editing, had to do with Apple being at the time (a decade ago) a leader in color profiling, color spaces, etc, when it was virtually absent on the PC side. It is little remarked, but Apple had a key role in the advancement of digital photography by providing the architecture, and most importantly creating standards to support digital imagery. Windows has made great strides in this area, and it is equal to a MAC in terms of photo editing, but given the choice, I personally prefer a MAC.

All things being said, I have to also give credit to Apple for being an extremely innovative company- a true hallmark of American innovation. They in may ways changed how we look at pictures, listen to music, and even turned the mobile phone world upside down. These things would not have happened had they not pushed the envelope. I find it kind of sad the lack of innovation coming from Microsoft. Its like they only innovate, when they are pretty much forced to do so.
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