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You can be a great photographer but still have issues with meeting the criteria that is looking for. Don't let that stop you from changing your overall quality of work. Look at it this way-how would your boss feel if you weren't meeting a particular criteria at work and it was disrupting the operations of the company. The errors might start off at minor but when they continue to happen and happen over and over, they might not be so minor in the end. Administration has banned multiple people just for submitting pictures that don't meet the standards of the database. I have heard about people who have decided not to submit to anymore. I know a great photographer who decided to submit elsewhere. Even when he was a member of, he had numerous publications in railroad magazines. The screeners can be a bit consistent. I know of plenty of photographers who have had shots accepted to railpictures that were taken of common commuter trains in home territory on cloudy days. I know people who have had sub par image quality work accepted to the database.
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