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Originally Posted by Pat Lorenz
I havent seen any 'leaking' cars yet, but the closest i have seen was about 10 to 15 units of stack train had the doors on all of the containers opened, mainly the bottom containers. The doors were wide open. I could see all the cargo, some motorcycles and packages. It was a moving train, i figure somebody broke into the containers well down the line, mabey in Tucson or before. I thought it was kind of cool to see what was inside, didnt look like anything was stolen because everything was fairly big in size. I didnt report it because i dont know any numbers to call.
I seen stack trains like that every once and a while. Only when I see them they aren't carrying anything. I have a friend that lived near the CN/IC here in Freeport. The IC used to carry intermodal at the ends of their manifest trains(they don't anymore). The wesbound trains often stopped by his house waiting for a crew change, and he climed on the flatbeds and opened the trailers. The trains stopped at the yard office about a mile west of him so the engines were well out of seeing range.
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