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Seconded on the cropping issue with the Amtrak shot. I think cloudy may have just been a generic and quick rejection while going through the pile.

I'm on the fence with the SWP shot. The light is not the issue, IMO, and if truly was a cloudy rejection (that is, the screener saw that as the only issue and this photo otherwise would have been accepted) I would disagree. However, even though as a hardcore shortline fan, something on the composition in this one isn't working for me. Possibly too much of the rear of the lead loco blocked. But it didn't make me leap out of my chair and shout "BS!!!" as a rejection.

Cloudy seems 50-50 to me on rejects. Probably just a matter of who sees them. The Cassandra shot is wonderful, IMO, and I'm glad it's in the database. Very artistic, and minimal sky involved (although good texture to what's there) shows a well-executed cloudy day shot.
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