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Default Thanks for the post

Thanks for the post, ShortlinesUSA

I go by Grand Strand Western fairly regularly, and also keep up with developments on Facebook.

Been thinking about what the work for the train crews will be on the first crossing of the Waccamaw River, assuming the March 1st date does still stand.

New South Forest, which I think might be now called Canfor, has one empty bulkhead flat car.

I suppose it could be loaded with an outgoing shipment for the tran, and/or some more emplty flat cars might be coming in for their future out shipments.

Metglas, at the Atlantic Center for Business & Industry near Coastal Carolina Uni, builds electrical transformers.

I have seen a video of an empty bulkhead flatcar being pushed into their plant east of the river. So I suppose they do ship out, as well as shipping materials in.

They might need materials and empty cars to ship out in.

It might be possible that Lowes, at that same location might be shipping lumber in.

And, that one tank car at Coastal BioDeisel, which as far as I know has gone out of business, will probably need to be moved out at some time.
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