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Default Transportation Committee Transcript

From the minutes of the Horry County Transportation Committee meeting of September 22, of this year.


Update (Arrigo Carotti/Steve Gosnell):
Mr. Gosnell said the leases had been signed for our 14 miles.
The railroad extends from 905 thoughout the county. Mr. Eldridge said they had signed the maintenance agreement for our tracks.

There was a lease agreement and a maintenance agreement and both have been done. Mr. Gosnell said they leased 11 miles up to the Pine Island Bridge. On the maintenance agreement, they agreed to maintain the section in Myrtle Beach. 14 mile run from just below 905 to the beach down to where the old train station is.

Chairman Loftus asked him about a right-of-way that goes to the airport. There used to be a track to the airport. Mr. Gosnell said they had checked that a while back and it cuts through where the ice plant is. It was never owned by the county. There was a railroad there and they abandoned it when they closed it. They couldn't find any ownership for the county. He didn't think it existed any more as a right-of-way.

Chairman Loftus said we needed to give CCU notice when they start making runs to MetGlass and so forth so that they will start stopping at the railroad tracks on University Boulevard. They don't now.

Mr. Gosnell said they are mowing the right-of-way on our section and doing vegetation contol. It looked better than it had ever looked.

One of the conditions that we had with Corman was we had to get the bridges operational so we spent some money. He presented a list of some of the work that had been done to the Waccamaw turn style bridge located in Conway. Public Works managed the contract work with the electrician to get it all done. They finished it and turned the keys over to Corman on the 15th. They spent about $43 in electrical repairs where they had stripped the copper out of most of the lnes. They had some hydraulic maintenance they had to do with about $12,000 in labor.

Mr. Vaught asked about the Pine Island Bridge. They ripped all the copper out. Mr. Gosnell said it was much worse. It would take $250,000 to get it going and $150,000 for the electrical. It was hard to secure it because it is right on the waterway. To try to secure access from the waterway had been difficult. The last time they broke in they came in from the waterway side. They even boarded up the windows and doors.

They ripped one of the doors off and the whole control house was stripped. Mr Vaught asked if he had any idea when they would start running it. Mr. Gosnell said they still had some bridge work to do to get it to FRA standards before they could run anything. Mr. Eldridge said maybe the first of the year. Mr. Gosnell said they are negotiating with potential customers along the line. Mr. Eldridge said the mile limit at the crossing will be 10 mph.
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