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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
The power was noit involved in the sale. Belongs or belonged to the Pippins. I believe the 958 has been scrapped, too
Joe, I did look at your video of a railroad worker for a Carolina railroad, telling you that your following the trains around and taking photos, made the train crews feel uncomfortable.

It was very amusing to watch.

I'm hoping to get a photo of the pretty red RJ Corman locomotive on US 501, hopefully before the graffitti artists get to it.

I"m also hoping that they never get to it, like they did to the operator's house at the Pine Island Drawbridge.

But, everyone I have mentioned the locomotive to has been thinking the same thing, and mentioning it before I do.

I've felt like even writing this might Tempt The Fates, but I'm sure that the officials of RJ Corman have been and are voicing the same concern among themselves.

As I remember from my driving on US 501, the night time lighting at that location is good, so maybe that will prevent any vandalsim.
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