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On the way to work today, made a detour through Red Hill South Cariolina, first stop on the railroad after crossing the Waccamaw river.

Not surprised to see a lot of RJ Corman trucks on both sides of Depot Road, and a maintenence vehicle at the turnout into the New South Forest freight loading yard, where that one high bulkhead flatcar remains with a (no tresspassing?) sign on the track in front of it, which will soon undoubtedly be removed.

The work crew was doing a tie replacement.

The Conway Riverfront is still closed due to the flooding, so I couldn't get a view of whether the drawbridge is locked across the river because of the flooding or not.

Could have walked to the top of the high rise bridge to see, and take a photo, but it is dangerous for an TheOldMan to be doing such things.
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