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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Does that work with raw or just in jpg mode?
Hi Jim,

I have a Nikon D7000 and I can shoot a grey card and get a color temp. I don't know that it matters if I am shooting raw or JPG. The manual does not mention the capture method in its description of the procedure. I virtually never shoot JPG any more, so I can't say I've tried it.

Basically, you expose an 18% gray card (I carry a small one) to whatever mixed lighting situation you have. You set the camera's WB to "Preset Manual", and select direct measurement mode. You then fill the frame with the grey card and pull the shutter release. It doesn't actually take a picture, but it does measure the color temp and load that temp as a Pre-Set that you can then select with your WB control.

I've only tried this a couple of times. Normally, what I do is expose the grey card and just take a shot of it before shooting normally. In post, I use the WB tool in Lightroom to measure the color temp and tint. I then dial those in on the pictures I want to postprocess....and tweak them a bit as needed.

I can sympathize with the OP. Shooting yard pictures can be a royal PITA when there's a tossed salad of light sources.

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