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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
Seriously, "fake"..... Okay, lets take this to the next level then. If someone stages a night shoot using flashbulbs or now more commonly, strobes, they should all have their photos removed for manipulation also! I mean its 10:30pm and we all know that the sun is not out. With portable lighting the ambient light is "faked" and adjusted to suit the photographers liking. Any thoughts on this idea kids?!
(Yes, I realize, err...hope, this was sarcasm, but comparing filters to night photo shots...)

A.) As was already said no use of a filter was mentioned at time of submission which may have saved the image.
B.) The caption stated that it was the sunset creating the color which was obviously not true because the silhouettes had an orange tint. This lie then turns the attention to post-processing tricks because it smells like a cover-up.

Because of others lack of knowledge about filters, my shot was kicked off the site.
Wayyyyyyy off. There is no lack of knowledge among the admins or screeners who made the call so this is completely wrong. Instead of lying about the shot, a comment could have been made in the appropriate box and it would have been handled accordingly. I would like to see more filter-created images submitted as well as on-camera multiple exposures which I know some digital cameras have. (Why the Rebel or EOS series do not have this is truly puzzling.)
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