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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Okay, but what are you not understanding from the posts so far is...the cop was doing his job!!! What's so confusing about that?

Well, you do realize that the cops cannot search your car unless you give them permission. All you have to do is say no, and since they don't have probably cause, they can't legally seach your car. That's on you for not knowing that.

I think it's kind of amusing that you're not seeing what could result from your letter. As a railfan, you need the railroad to enjoy your hobby, right? So you need to have a good relationship with those folks, otherwise, they can really ruin the hobby for you. Your letter has a high potential, especially since the intent of the letter is to "keep employees where they belong," to alienate those folks which in turn will make you (and other railfans) the bad guys. See, if you get an employee in trouble, it doesn't go unnoticed with his peers. But, if you want to poke the hornet's nest, don't come whining here when you get stung...

Well done Chris, well done! As a railroader and photographer I play both sides of the fence in this case. However, as I and EVERYONE else has stated here, the cop did absolutely nothing wrong! In fact, you should have thanked him for doing his job.
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