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I strongly urge you to pick up the camera and get back trackside. The same thing happened to me after being threatened at the Princeton Junction station on the Northeast Corridor back in 20007 by an NJT conductor. It was the first time in my life I had ever been told that I'd have the cops called on me. Since it was the first incident of course I didn't want to deal with that and had no idea what they'd do, I simply left. I wish I could go back in time and simply take a photo of said conductor and have a nice conversation with the West Windsor or NJT/Amtrak PD.

Just today, an NJT engineer leaned out the window at the same station and said, "You guys need to stop taking pictures." to my brother and I. Now I just laugh knowing full well I have the right to be there, ticket or not, camera or not. When shooting commuter/passenger railroads, I guess its just something that is going to happen in today's paranoid society.

I can understand the humiliation for getting information taken down but as long as the LEO doesn't put a note saying "suspicious character" than I don't see it as a issue. I've had my information taken twice so far and it hasn't caused me any problems and I don't expect it to. It better not.

Long story short...this probably won't be the last time if you plan on shooting Tri-Rail, which I hope you do. That is THEIR job to protect the public, which yes includes you so as long as they don't use force or get power hungry and 'demand' you erase the shots, I'd roll with the punches as embarrassing as it is. Just see these guys enough they'll eventually stop asking.
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