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Originally Posted by iuganda View Post
It had such a profound affect on me that, as of today, I am still not able to pick up the camera and I am still mortified after the incident. As far as I know, taking pictures of public property, including trains, is not illegal - could someone please confirm or repudiate it? Also, is there any way I can file a complaint against the actions of the guard or take any similar steps that would clarify my name? I need to do something to make sure that it will not happen in the future.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you really are so mortified by this simple and really an easy going incident with an authority figure you probably should not be taking photos anyway.

Whether it is legal or not, whats wrong with an authority figure figuring out what you are doing? Are you hiding something? Believe it or not, photographing trains is not something "normal" that people do, unless its at a theme park with a train in it. Many people will find it strange that you are photographing such a subject.

I personally do not mind if a cop or authority figure asks what I am doing, I am glad they are doing their job. The majority of people out there will make sure that you are in fact doing something innocent and then leave you alone. This is not just an occurrence about railroad photography, but can also happen in many other situations.
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