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Default "Detailed" pictures of trains and humiliation

Hello everybody!

I really need your help and opinion. I was taking pictures of Tri-Rail trains in Davie, FL the other day and when I was getting into my car, supposedly a police officer approached me as I was about to leave and told me that "the train crew radioed him and told him that they were concerned about me because I was taking detailed pictures of the train/locomotive". I should mention that it was already dark and I had to use a flash on my Rebel XSi. Anyway, the guy asked me if I am a train fan and asked me for an ID. After he copied my info, he also copied my license tag and took my phone number. Honestly, the whole process made me feel very uncomfortable - I felt like I did something wrong and that I was a criminal. I also explained to the guy that I am a school science teacher and I am interested in anything related to the transportation equipment and especially trains. He said that he "understands" but that "we should be careful" nowadays because of the terrorists. IMHO, a terrorist would not be caring around two foot-long cameras and would not be taking pictures with a flash at night in front of two policemen/guards (whatever they are) at the station.
It had such a profound affect on me that, as of today, I am still not able to pick up the camera and I am still mortified after the incident. As far as I know, taking pictures of public property, including trains, is not illegal - could someone please confirm or repudiate it? Also, is there any way I can file a complaint against the actions of the guard or take any similar steps that would clarify my name? I need to do something to make sure that it will not happen in the future.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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