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Our local paper printed a short story about this, and I was glad to see a mention of the railroad's impact on local business--especially since the local line would probably have been ripped out if OHCR hadn't taken over.

Phil Pearce, branch manager with the Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, said that his organization is dependent on the railroad line and also noted that rail service helps the local economy. Typically, the Farmers Co-op loads trains three times per week, and last year loaded and shipped 550 rail cars, according to Pearce.

Pearce emphasized that 550 rail cars equaled approximately 2,000 semitrailer loads, and that by shipping by rail, the Farmers Co-op had kept a large number of trucks off of the roads.

“We want to keep the railroad going,” said Pearce, noting that the Weyerhaeuser company is also dependent on railroad service.
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