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Alright, let me start by saying, that I found it rude for it to be assumed I am not friends with Jerry Jacobson. I am not bragging about it, I am just stating a fact. He attends an Akron RR Club meeting on occasion, and usually attends the ARRC Annual Banquet. I am not saying he is absolutely my best pal, but I know him enough to joke around with him and talk with him though. Although he can be very moody at times.

I was on the line between Sugarcreek and Baltic today. I didn't really notice anything different. I do believe I saw some new-looking ballast in some areas. The line looks as though it has gone through a couple of changes lately. Nothing too spectacular has happened though.

Andrew - first of all, I wish you would actually give me some benefit of the doubt. You seem to be ignoring the fact that the Ohio Central has been (or is in the process of being) acquired by Genessee & Wyoming. I only heard today that the official buy may not yet have happened. Now, talking to some RRE members who seem to be relatively close to OHCR management (I know you guys will disregard this, because they are not actually OHCR employees, be that way then) say that the steam units may still be completed due to some contracts that involve operating the units. Such as the ARRC excursion in September, I believe the operation with 765 when 763 is completed, and a couple other passenger trips on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR.

I don't think, after some review of the motive power, that the G&W will make too many changes to the diesel roster. It is just a fact that G&W does not seem to operate GE units, let alone ALCO, MLW, FM and all of those other oldies, but goodies that OHCR owns. I believe the only GE units that have a good chance of staying operational on the OHCR would be the Super 7 units, but I AM NOT saying or declaring that the G&W will get rid of the other GE units. I am simply stating that if they were to get rid of the GE units, the ones most likely to stay probably would be the Super 7's. That is ALL! You guys are taking what I am saying out of context, and jumping to the conclusion that I am making accusations, when in reality, I am just making educated assumptions.

So all I am saying, to make a long story short, is that the G&W has (or is) purchased/purchasing the OHCR, and may possibly make some changes to the locomotive roster. What is above are just my assumptions. I am not saying that these are 100% definite roster changes, which you guys act like I am saying they are. Just my assumptions.

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