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Default Ohio Central Bought Out!


As of yesterday, August 1 2008, the Ohio Central System, formed in 1988 and owned by my friend and fellow Akron RR Club member, Jerry Jacobson, was bought out by the Genessee & Wyoming Railroad. It is unsure at this time whether the units of the OHCR will be painted orange, black and yellow or if they will retain their current maroon, grey and yellow livery.

Another concern brought by the acquisition of the OHCR, is if the completion of NKP Berkshire 763 will occur. It is very feared that the G&W may not wish to complete this task, and may send the Berk to the scrap peep. It is also fretted that the G&W will discontinue service with the currently operational OHCR 1293 and LS&I 33.

Unfortunately, it is too late for the Ohio Central to be saved now. The railroad was officially bought as of 8/1/08 and is now under complete control of the G&W. I am not sure if traffic, schedules and motive power is to change. But lets hope for the best. This issue has been confirmed by three employees - John Surdyk, William Dick and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

So, to conclude this: RIP OHIO CENTRAL SYSTEM ( 1988-2008 )


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