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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
Yeah, I wanna head out there; maybe frame a train between two cicadas or get a train blurred behind a whole group or maybe even a night silhouette.

I've heard other photogs arranging trips to the area as well. Mitch is supposedly gonna try a sharp, double pan of cicada and a train while others such as Alan-Crotty and Bob Avery are flying over to get some impressive as well as fascinating moody, backlit shots. Unless "L&C" appear on the side of some of those creatures I don't think you'll see Joe H. out there. These are strictly rumors floating around so please do not quote me (or take me seriously).
Thank you for that laugh...I needed it.

I live near wooded areas in the Chicagoland area...and I hate bugs. Ugh.
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