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Random thoughts:

Auto ISO seemed to work pretty good but once I get into low light I am going to manual. Think once you do a few you will have some settings you find work best.

At the edge of the curve, if you let it get into the curve just a little and give it a little track to run into you won't be shooting directly into the focus of the headlights. Probably will not get a crisp star burst but could help.

As far as this site once you leave sunny days you have a little hill to climb, has to be a little or(lot) special,

Here is one at 200mm:
Image © John Crisanti
PhotoID: 677996
Photograph © John Crisanti

I realize it is apples and oranges as you don't have all those great elements but in terms of the headlights I think the sample is valid. If you download you can see his exif.

Bob Jordan

added: once you back off a little the blob effect will lessen a little visually??

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