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Originally Posted by baggydave View Post
As I said, I am here and I do see some irony. Every picture for me is a struggle to get on for some reason and therefore I regard it as a challenge to get an image accepted. Take the Apache railroad as an example. I took that last June when I was driving around Arizona and it took me nearly 7 months to get it on the data base. Lots of reasons why it was rejected, mainly high sun and too tight, but I persevered and finally won. Yet Mr Screener"s example was on yet had many problems with it as people pointed out. There is the irony. Perhaps I should apply to be a screener? I am familiar with all the reasons for rejection after all!!
Dave, rest assure you are not alone and that is the root of much frustration for many trying to make sense of things at times, some that have moved on with their fill.

There is hope, Rich
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