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If it were just some clown selling T-shirts on eBay, Jim probably would spend a lot of money stopping it, and gain very little. In this case however, he has a major corporation, with deep pockets, committing a flagrant, public, copyright violation. As others have stated, it doesn't matter who within CSX authorized this. Any low-level employee can put a major corporation at risk by doing something illegal while under their employment. In my company, all employees take periodic training that educates them in the dos and don'ts.

I do think that a simple, registered letter to the CSX Legal Department will do the trick. The letter should provide a photo and details of the sign, as well as a print of the image. It could also provide a link to the RP URL. It should simply state that Jim is the owner of that image and that it is being used in a very public way by CSX without permission, and that all he is asking is $XXX dollars (pick something reasonable, but meaningful) to resolve the license issue. The letter should give CSX 10 days to respond, or the issue will be turned over to Jim's attorneys for litigation. If Jim is asking for $500 or $1000, no corporation in the world is going to quibble over that, especially when he clearly has them dead to rights.

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