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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Rules bring conformity, conformity brings boredom. Some areas it maybe necessary. Personally I think people gravitate to wreck photos because they look for something different. The fact they break some rules probably lend to their popularity. I guess in some cases you can go to wreck scene and get a perfectly composed, exposed, perfect this and that IF you are an official photographer.

I am not sure if you think that the site is losing appeal because of boredom you can say we need to enforce the rules more. Here is a surprise, you have the 12 Cardinal rules, maybe there are more and then the most popular photos are the ones where the rules do not apply so the answer is to......

Rob, I see you joined in 2014 and honestly don't know if you even have submitted photos to the site but either way I think many more seasoned patrons see my view and that conformity you speak of has been discussed in many threads to date. We have enough variety in the screening process now as it changes from moment to moment and just when you think you've figured it out, guess what.... . If you couldn't get a good shot then keep it for your own use and realize it wasn't good enough to make the The best railroad photos on the net site. There are a few people that will always have the chance to get special shots with their affiliation to the RR gives them access and that is fine but just because you not in that group shouldn't be a free pass for mediocre shots!!

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