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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I just went through 4-5 of Grumpy's most recent posts, starting with the one you linked. "killin' it" ??? Not in my view, looks like he is a very boring aerial wedgie shooter. From what I see of the posts I looked at, he does nothing to take advantage of having a copter. He may be technically precise, his DSLR may offer a different distortion profile, but to what end? I'd much rather see shots of the type seen in this thread, despite the distortion (which is adjustable in post anyway, I would think).
I have read Grumpy off and on for years. Back in the last days of film and the first days of digital, I avidly read his blog for what i could learn from his, shall we say, unique POV. I would certainly agree he takes refining his work to a very high technical level. Thus I can see Jim's attraction to that.

But I am with J on the "to what end"? He does nothing but endless pumpkin wedgies. On the ground or in the air, no difference. I stopped reading because I could not see growing purpose to his efforts.

My livelihood once depended on making sure expensive actor performances were properly focused. Therefore grant me that I know a little about what is photographically sharp and what is not. So I am sure you can understand that when Grumpy presented five images magnified and he discerns invisible-to-me focus differences (save one), I had to get off the train.

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