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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Well, to be fair, he WAS here before you.
By my calculations, I've been here before all ya'll! I submitted and had accepted a picture on here when I was barely 10 haha

Originally Posted by J-Guy View Post
8th post for those keeping track.

Not jealous, but feel the need 6 months later to point out your individually perceived flaws with someone else's work? Point is, this site doesn't belong to you, to me, or anyone but the owners. They have the time and effort involved to have kept it running and growing for the past decade+. If you aren't happy here, you have options of other sites to upload images and share.

No, its pretty easy to tell that this guy is a crappy photographer and is only getting his shots on because his photos of equipment will get the views.
We, as a community have helped shape the website with our opinions of what should and shouldn't go on. If nobody complained and just simply agreed with everything that the website administrators did, people would start leaving.
Jumping in with "DON'T CRITICIZE OTHER PEOPLES WORK" arguments doesn't help. Yeah, people shouldn't be overly harsh, but criticism helps people get better, and weeds out the bullshit.

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