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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
Garbage horns? And EMD's K3's are any better?

Ugly trucks? The EMD 70 series trucks look pretty similar to the CP Hi-Ad's.

Carbody looks fine to me.

Cab does too.

Radiators are bitchin, unless you're 6'4" like me and have to duck when walking by them.

Too common? Last I checked there were a crapload of EMD's, too.

Fire is cool.

Hmm, check out the SD50's, where are they? Leased or filled with Pepsi. . .

I'm with Jim. . . If its clean, its fine with me. . . But as an engineer, hell, I dunno, give me a few SD45's and a couple Dash 9's and I'd be content.

(Just finished yanking 118 empties up the 1.8% with only 1 unit online, nothing like 14MPH and 1400 amps!! Hey, it was a GE, too!)
But why does everyone have to bash my opinion?
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