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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
They sound like they're going to explode
They have garbage horns
They have ugly trucks
They have an ugly carbody
They have an ugly cab
The radiators are ugly, especially the GEVOs
They're too common
They blow up and shoot fire out of the stack
They can't last more than 25 years without going to the scrapper
They can't last more than 25 years without go to the second hand market
Garbage horns? And EMD's K3's are any better?

Ugly trucks? The EMD 70 series trucks look pretty similar to the CP Hi-Ad's.

Carbody looks fine to me.

Cab does too.

Radiators are bitchin, unless you're 6'4" like me and have to duck when walking by them.

Too common? Last I checked there were a crapload of EMD's, too.

Fire is cool.

Hmm, check out the SD50's, where are they? Leased or filled with Pepsi. . .

I'm with Jim. . . If its clean, its fine with me. . . But as an engineer, hell, I dunno, give me a few SD45's and a couple Dash 9's and I'd be content.

(Just finished yanking 118 empties up the 1.8% with only 1 unit online, nothing like 14MPH and 1400 amps!! Hey, it was a GE, too!)
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