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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
I mean, I'm not fighting anyone, here. I don't know why you people get this way. I'm particularly disappointed in your last few posts, Jim. I thought actually meeting one of the more "famous" RP forum guys was a neat experience, but I guess that means damn nothing.

Anyway, my philosophy (A 9 year old uses THAT word? ) on GE and why I hate it is that:

They sound like they're going to explode
They have garbage horns
They have ugly trucks
They have an ugly carbody
They have an ugly cab
The radiators are ugly, especially the GEVOs
They're too common
They blow up and shoot fire out of the stack
They can't last more than 25 years without going to the scrapper
They can't last more than 25 years without go to the second hand market


People who love GEs tend to have the reputation to mess with me, Like Max Medlin, and all of these other Youtube users.
Oi oi oi, insult what you like, but do NOT blanket insult horns! The CP AC4400CW horns are quite lovely, thank you very much!
Oh, and you don't like them because they're too common? Well boo freaking hoo, if you had your way EMDs would be too common, would you hate them for that then?
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