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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
I mean, I'm not fighting anyone, here. I don't know why you people get this way. I'm particularly disappointed in your last few posts, Jim. I thought actually meeting one of the more "famous" RP forum guys was a neat experience, but I guess that means damn nothing.

Anyway, my philosophy (A 9 year old uses THAT word? ) on GE and why I hate it is that:

They sound like they're going to explode
They have garbage horns
They have ugly trucks
They have an ugly carbody
They have an ugly cab
The radiators are ugly, especially the GEVOs
They're too common
They blow up and shoot fire out of the stack
They can't last more than 25 years without going to the scrapper
They can't last more than 25 years without go to the second hand market
With all due respect, you can't say "I'm not fighting anyone" and then go on to rehash the business that started this whole thread by restating your disdain for GE. I'm afraid it just isn't helping your case, and only encourages certain people to keep piling on. It isn't my intention to do that, and I'm sorry if it seems like I am, but I really am trying to help you see what brings on what reactions. Beyond that, the first 7 reasons you list for hating GE are entirely subjective - they're your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to, but they don't empirically make the case for EMD being better the GE or vice-versa. As far as aesthetics and sounds go, I like steam engines a lot better that diesels. But that doesn't make them a better product objectively. That's why those kind of statements just cause fights. As for the last 3 reasons you mention, here are a couple things to consider.

1. Anything with a turbocharger is subject to blowing up and shooting flames when (not if, when) the turbocharger fails. There was a rather interesting article in a recent issue of TRAINS magazine about the subject. It's worth finding and reading for anyone with a general interest in the subject.
2 & 3. 25 years to the scrapper or second-hand market. Not only are the statements contradictory - if they go on the second-hand market, they're not going to the scrapper - but they also relate to a good many EMD products of the last generation as well. The GP 50 and SD 50 were both flops. An awful lot of SD 60s seem to have ended up in the hands of leasing companies. But the other thing to keep in mind is that the tightening up of EPA emissions regulations has a lot to do with the replacement of even relatively new power that no longer meets the standards. Besides, if you look at the history of railroading, there are an awful lot of engines from all kinds of manufacturers that didn't make it to 25 years in primary assignments on Class I railroads. Those that did were exceptions.

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