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Originally Posted by trainboysd40 View Post
Okay, just don't ask me to fiddle with the distributed power or handle a major downgrade. That crap's tricky. Most I've done is 3 SD40-2s, 50 cars on a 1.3% grade. (Damned if I know whether that's compensated or not, but it didn't take much to keep it below the speed limit with all those curves!)
I just got the call for an empty coal train (ALL GE'S DANIEL, I HOPE I MAKE IT SINCE THEY SUCK SO MUCH OH NO!) but best I ever did was 3 x 2, all GE's (AGAIN, WHAT'S UP WITH GE'S!!!) 18,058 tons, 1.8% at Ambrosia and we crested it at 4MPH. Got 4800' over the hill and then had to ride 17 pounds down the hill, at 49MPH. Weee!

Sadly empties are more work since we have to only run 1 unit on the rear and have to run with the fence up, can't put out more than 350 amps pushing on the back.. Headend can only have 12 axles of power, but can have 24 of dynamics, so that means the second unit goes to DB only. Too much work.

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