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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
How can a 9 year old like you know how to do all these things, you can't be an engineer? If you've never ran these locomotives you only opinion can be those of a true foamer - just by looks. You have no idea that the GE's load just as slow (if not slower) than a GE.. Who's the maker with all the switchers around? EMD. Wonder why? They load fast.

You have ABSOLUTELY no room to throw your opinion around of EMD/GE's operating if you've never ran them.. riding in one doesn't count either. I run these things on a daily basis for hours at a time, I think I can tell people my opinion. But, a foamer who just drools and chokes his chicken to the sight of EMD's or GE's or ALCO's (I like Alco's personally) has no room to say an opinion of how one runs.
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