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I've had horrible luck lately catching trains. With money tight, I have to do it mostly either on my route where I have a couple of stops near (in one case, literally right beside tracks), on trips with the family or either after work taking a shot that something will be out in Columbia. For the last few weeks, no luck on either of those. A CSX local does run near the stops I have downtown, but I can't really wait for them to get to a good, sunny spot. They either have to be there when I pass or I just have to keep going. The NS might have a train heading out, but I have to see it in just the right spot in order to be able to catch it in the last two sunny spots. If I miss it, I have to let it keep going.

Last Thursday, I thought I may get a chance to shoot the L&C or some Charlote light rail. We took our kids to their grandparents in Lancaster and "took the long way." I caught two L&C trains, but both were facing the dark side of the nose direction. A two tone end cab was also sitting in the wrong spot. After dropping the kids off, we went to see "Inception" in Pineville, NC then went to Steak and Shake to eat. The S&S is within sight of the southern most point of the Charlotte light rail and also right beside the NS line. Naturally, an NS train passed five minutes before we left the S&S. Then when I thought about catching the light rail, let's just say my stomach had other ideas and we had to come straight home.

There's also some bad luck involved with my railfanning now. I'm making plans for us to go somewhere in October. Maybe Knoxville, maybe Jacksonville or Richmond. (Richmond might be top on my list, but Richmond and Kacksonville would at least be over nighters.) But I'm sure I will go somewhere for a weekend and somehow come back with two shots of one train and a really bad attitude.
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