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UK and many European countries can be railfanned to a certain extent by public transport, the main problem is the scenic lines where the lack of population reflects in few rail stations and sparse bus services.

I would love to go and lineside this system in Northern Spain

Image © Janet Cottrell
PhotoID: 233607
Photograph © Janet Cottrell

Been over the whole system twice on a special, but the passenger service over parts of it is infrequent to say the least. Also, this line

Image © apothequer
PhotoID: 329827
Photograph © apothequer

is worse in that there is no passenger service at all!

One thing I might manage is to explore the Hindenburgdamm area between mainland Germany and Sylt, it is possible to hire a push bike from a place right next to the station at Westerland (still got to remember to ride it on the right hand side of the road though!)

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