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Originally Posted by WembYard View Post
I know, that is what puts me (and John) off driving in Europe - get enough trouble with other road users raising the blood pressure when driving on the side of the road I'm used to without driving on the "wrong" side to add to the pressure!

We did have a tentative offer of going over to the States with somebody we know but havn't persued the matter (yet!). Wouldn't go on our own for the first time as we would rather have a bit of guidance for a least the first visit. There was a group doing an interesting looking trip for photography in the Powder River Basin last May, which I would have been interested in but it didn't fit in with my shift pattern very well.
I made the mistake once of trying to drive on a trip to England (nearly thirty years back). The feeling of panic I had in allowing a car coming the other way to clear to the right of me was just not worth it.

My sense is that most of the left hand side of the road countries can be railfanned quite easily without a car (UK, India, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong). I think Australia, New Zealand and South Africa would be problematic... but I'm really guessing there.
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