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Being in New York my wonderful Dad, though he had no interest in trains, took me to rail yards and on trips. My first long trip was NY to Boston in a red plush swivel chair parlor car on the New Haven about 1958. He also took me on 3 Reading Rambles in the 60's and to Brownville Jct. ME yard where I met and rode with real railroaders.
In the 70's, as I was starting a career, I never was able to make a good railfan friend so my efforts at chasing and photography were only so-so. Still, I hit Tehachapi and El Cajon, and one LA>NY Amtrak ride.
In the 80's I was married with two kids and that meant I had to dole out the fanning but managed a Don Ball photo weekend at Steamtown VT, a first visit to the EBT, seeing N&W 611's first run and 765 in NJ in 1988.
The 90's had all those 614 trips Hoboken Port Jervis, more EBT and Scranton's "new" Steamtown.
The 00's had a couple of Karl Franz charters to Western Maryland Scenic, the W&W and New Hope.
2009 was perhaps my best year ever. Steamtown, Jersey, The Cog, a 4500 mile Midwest Railfan trip centered on Train Festival 2009 in Owosso, Chicago, IRM, Grand Haven, Blue Island, Lima, Elkhart, Marion, Flint, Hamburg, Conneaut, CSX on the Hudson, and more Steamtown.
Last big trips were two days in eastern CT chasing Valley RR and Acela's and two days in Steamtown during the NRHS Convention.

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