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Originally Posted by nikos1 View Post
This truly is the end, im going to be real sad to see them go. Those were my childhood engines that i grew up watching chug around the yards in Athens and a few lucky catches on the mainline. I knew it was coming for a long time but not a day i wanted to see come, they will be missed, another bit of variety gone.
I wouldn't worry too much! Did you happen to notice how long it took them to make the SD50-2s!? Imagine how long it'll take for them to do a rehaul! Nonetheless, being a 13 year old railfan that sits at the tracks with a bike every weekend, I'll miss them too. Recently read they'll be doing the same with SD40-2s too. They were the only company of GEVOS on priority assignments and hopefully with CSX investing so much into them they'll continue to do just that for many years.

Man! I feel like I just gave one of those speeches where I just want to break down and cry!
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