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Before I bought my 40D I pulled the CF card out of my Rebel and the P&S's I had before hand. The reason i switched is that I had slightly bent one of the little pins in the camera on the rebel. It did not want to seat all the way and after looking one pin was slightly bent. I straightened it out and it worked fine. I did read about a few people bending the pins somehow and it was like a $300.00+ fix for Canon cameras. When I bent my pin I was using a cheap CF card that I had used in my PDA and the various P&S cameras I had over about a 7 year period. So I would guess a little wear on the side rails of the CF card lead to it.

Now I use the cable, plus the mini usb on the camera is the 2.0 stuff and the usb port on the computer is the same I can download 250 pictures in about 2-3 minutes. I have a 4 gig UDMA card and I can get about 304 RAW files on it so that is plenty of pictures for my shooting of trains at 1 outing.

As for turning your camera on the side and spilling out your pixels, just make sure your lens cap is on and you should be OK.
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