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Originally Posted by John Fladung View Post
I've been using the camera->USB cable->computer method since I have this hang up that taking the memory card in and out of the camera frequently is bad for the camera and card (wear out faster).
What is going to wear out? I'm going to muster a guess that the card is going to corrupt long before it wears out from frequent removal.

Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Besides, this way I don't have to worry about my card ending up in a non-horizontal position and risk spilling all my pixels to one side.
I was going to use some similar logic with John's comment about the camera/card wearing out. Perhaps if Mike B. were here he could submit some logic behind why it's better not to use a card reader or lay the camera on its side.

Anyway...I use a card reader. It's just so much more efficient and practical than connecting the camera up and transferring that way, and my camera never even leaves the bag. Plus, it doesn't waste any battery power from the camera doing it this way. A card reader is $20 (or less) at every corner drug store. There's really no excuse not to use one if take a lot of pictures.
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