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Hey thanks guys! Janusz, i live just outside of washington in Scenery Hill out on 40. I work for UPS in washington so I'm always in and out of washington 6 days a week. Rich, my grandmother lives near grindstone in republic. Over by redstone candy factory. And yes they still do run street in west brownsville. In fact I just missed this one coming off the street, was hoping to catch him but I was too far away when I heard his clearance to go ahead and roll south. So I zoomed down river and caught him here. It is a lovely place to railfan indeed, lots of traffic. If you wish go to california university of pa, there's a public place for students who don't have parking passes you can sit there, it's all NS. And from brownsville (other side from west brownsville) you can go to the Newell CSX yard, there's even a visitors center there I believe you can sit there and watch em roll by. There's really no local stuff there tho, it's basically just a crew change yard. And even further north along the river in Monongahela PA (Follow route 88 north through charleroi) there's a place called the "Aquatorium", free public parking, its like a park on the river. Most people park their cars there and eat lunch. RIGHT next to the tracks but you gotta hit it early because the sun will be on the wrong side of the tracks if you get there afternoonish. My suggestion would be for mon river railfanning would be hit that first, head south to cal, then go to west brownsville. Thank you again guys!
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