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Originally Posted by Mgoldman
One seemingly simple fix for "theft" of RP images is to "lock" the photos - I've been to other sites where you simply do not have the ability to copy the images. Either there is no "copy" dialog box or it simply does not take.

I think this site should really look into such a feature.

Another less secure method - one I believe Jet Photos has - is to add a watermark. This kinda interferes with the viewing, however.


That'll work for about 65% of everyday web surfers, however, a person with even modest experience in HTML and basic internet browser use will know that once you view a photo, the image is retained in your cache until it's replaced by more recent data, the cache is filled up, or you manually clear the cache out.

Ultimately, if you don't want to run the risk of your photos being pirated by someone on the internet, the best way around it at this point is to just not post them publicly.

With that said, EVERYONE who plans to be a serious photographer of ANYTHING should learn as much as they can about metadata of their photos and try to provide as much inforation into the photos as possible.

All of my photos have metadata within the files that include my website URL, name, copyright registration, photo information, and photo editing software used. Even this is not 100%, but it gives peace of mind, because not many people are willing to dig through the metadata codes to clean out this info, and many don't even realize it exists.

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