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Originally Posted by Ween
So I have only the two options you listed? That's it?
Shutting up is also an option. It would certainly do you well.

I can post whatever I want to as well, on subject or not. I could talk about what I had for breakfast today if I felt like it (it was frosted mini-wheats, BTW).
That you can, however, it's wise to use discretion, something you have a problem doing. You didn't have to come in and act like you're a moderator, but you did anyway. As mentioned before, why didn't you just move along and not feed it? Is that simple concept just a little too complex for you?

But what my beef in this thread has become is this: Why can you post whatever you want in the off topic thread and use the 'it's off topic so I can post whatever I want and voice my opinion,' but yet, I can't respond to it in whatever manner I want?
It's a little matter of hypocrisy. You said yourself, "this is where posting discretion comes into play." You could have moved on to a different thread and not spewed forth any Bravo Sierra. Here's some advice to you: Just shut up already.

Well, not to prove your point for you, but this baited statement only leads to: you're wrong. Sorry you feel that way, but I'm actually a very open-minded person.
Which is why anyone is wrong for using the clone stamp. This is why everyone is wrong if they compare current photography to the work of a deceased photographer. This is why anyone is wrong if they don't sign up for an elite membership.

Sorry you don't like people who have strong opinions, but that's life.
Ah yes. C'est la vie. I actually laughed out loud when I read that statement. I too have strong opinions about many things. If what you stated was actually true, I wouldn't get along with any of my friends, who are quite opinionated themselves.

I'll tell you who and what I don't like. I don't like people with your attitude, and I certainly don't like hypocrisy.

And if you don't like the opinion or the person saying it, don't read it.
That's a two way street, bub.

Ween, your problem is obvious...

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