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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
Personally, my preference would be a solid ruling either way on whether the site would accept highly processed photos, or reject them as a whole, but consistently one way or the other.
I think the problem is not "highly processed" in and of itself. The problem is the resulting image. Some of my old slides get a lot of processing to make them look like....old slides, just slightly less crappy old slides.

A better example is back lighting. When I first came here back lighting was a real no-no. But eventually about everyone accepted that fact that some back lit images were really nice, just different from a well lit wedgie.

It boils down to taste, what somebody thinks is a good or at least interesting image. I'm not sure we can define that in terms of processing. Indeed, I'm not sure we can define it at all. Which of course is the reason for a lot of the discussion here.
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