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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I'll throw a few thoughts out there...

I'll put them into two categories, somewhat related, communication and irritation. Well, I won't divide them up but to some extent each addresses one or the other or both. Also, admin is a black hole, has been for a while. Some of the suggestions deal with that.

- state of RP report - some periodic feedback, say quarterly, saying what RP is up to, what is coming down the pike, what does admin view as something they are or intend to work on. Doesn't have to be a "REPORT", just some feedback as to what is going on. With some frequency, say quarterly.

- occasional state of screening report - for example, it would be really nice to hear what is discussed at the group screener discussions that I vaguely understand are held. What changes in screening criteria are being implemented, what criteria are getting looser over time and what tighter. Announcements that "X" (say, half-shadows on V noses) are now acceptable. Statements of what is being done to improve on screener consistency.

- maybe an occasional "this is why shot X was accepted" statement, perhaps responding to one of the "WTF" threads here on the forums. Another form of greater insight into screening expectations

- set and public policies - anyone who loses upload rights will get them back in X months (and then do it) or anyone who loses upload rights can do Y to get them back - anyone who appeals X shots in a month will be blocked - anyone who uploads X number of "bad" rejections will be blocked - something to clarify expectations and consequences, and not have people in the dark especially about the latter

- what do you see as your mission, and what do you see as your ideal? For example, the current criteria accept shots in the pretty-scenic / basic wedgie well lit / wreck / newsie even if not great / somewhat artsy interesting light categories, and exclude those in the mostly artsy category. Is that what you want to be? Do you want to encourage more or fewer shots in any of those categories?

- what do you see as your mission II - do you consider yourself a repository or a database also (and if the latter, fix the "&" problem!!! ) - what implications does that have for what changes / features you are going to implement

- RP has lost quite a number of excellent photographers in recent years, who have chosen not to deal with RP anymore. Does that bother you - are you trying to have the "best" rail images or is that just a catchy slogan? If it does, have you reached out directly to those photographers and found out why they left? Are you ok with that?
I agree with all of the above and I fully support these suggestions.
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