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I never tried that shot, but maybe I'll go back to it. At the time, that was one of many good shots I got from a day and a half chasing the L&C and I felt that maybe my L&C saturation point was at a max. (Though it didn't stop me this weekend from sending in three cloudy/commons!

Mitch, the photographs of Sheena are my most viewed on both Flickr and FAA, but no one has ever bought one. At the time of the shoots with her, she and I had an agreement that we could use them as we saw fit. I gave her the CD with some high res versions of the shots. If nothing else, maybe they will draw some visitors to the site.

I did have one person e-mail me privately suggesting I take them down. I believe she called them "borderline perverted" and hinted that she may have been underage. She was actually 18 at the time of both shoots and her mother was at both shoot, her father at one of them and my wife was helping with the poses.

FAA prints some really excellent stuff. Two of the prints are in Lancaster in a gallery. I've got four total prints done myself through them and was very impressed, especially with the two metal prints.
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