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Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
I was also recently contact via Flickr by a group doing a book for the city of Akron, Ohio, entitled "Greater Akron." Trains Magazine has also contacted me via Flickr before. Another reason Flickr is the best.
A class I railroad just bought some pictures I have on for decent money as a result of a "contact the photographer" email here. Overall I've made more money from contacts through than Flickr, but then I've never put as much on or as much work into Flickr. Flickr can be good but you have to put more work into it to build a network and socialize than simply putting pictures on (despite the screening process). I still see as being the number 1 "stock photography" site for general train pictures (as in the place people look the most for finding good train pictures). There are some great photographers on Flickr though, including many people who also post pictures here.

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