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Thanks, Kevin. That is something I will have to try. I have never been able to get a shot in this yard accepted in color. I always end up folding and going with B&W. "PITA" is a perfect diagnosis! I'm working in elements 10. I played with levels and the grey dropper and saw some improvement in areas. What I ended up doing with the blue was isolating it and desaturating it to better blend it with the other mix. By using the levels tool to pick out a white, grey, and black points I brought the red hue down drastically which in turn dulled the yellow hue in the FG. Still waiting on a decision with fingers crossed. This yard is almost something people have to see to believe. I asked my conductor his opinion of the lights and he also picked out yellow, red, and blue without the use of a camera to exaggerate them. I imagine the lengthy exposure is just making the clearly visible colors that much more obvious. I think this shot would work well in B&W given the shadows and multiple light points but like I said, I'm ready to learn something new. Thanks again for the information!

Ron, I like some points of your edit. I am still waiting for the decision from the screener's. It appears to have bounced through just about all of them. If they veto my latest version I may try to go somewhere in the middle. Thanks for taking the time to take a swing at it. I appreciate it!
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