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Hi J,

The card must be exposed to the same lighting situation as the intended subject. So yes, if the lighting at your shooting position is not the same as the lighting where the subject will be, you will need to do some walking. That may not be a problem for the OP, for although he did not say that he works for the railroad, I am reading between the lines that perhaps he does.

Nikon's manual describes this procedure as a means for dealing with what it describes as "mixed lighting situations", which to me, is exactly what the OP is facing here.

Normally, when I am using the gray card, I am outside in whatever natural lighting exists. I use it rarely in sunny situations. I use it quite often during inclement weather. I used it constantly during the Valley Railroad charter last May, when it basically rained during the whole event. I don't know that I achieved great results, but I think it got me close most of the time.

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