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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
But why does everyone have to bash my opinion?
I've got no dog in this fight. Last good looking GE was the cab unit set of demonstrators that ran on the Erie and then UP bought in the 1950s.

Last good looking EMD was the FP45.

But here's the thing... I just gave an opinion, and everyone is now free to jump on and attack it. Why? Because it is just that... an opinion, my feelings (possibly based on some objective data, possibily purely subjective, however, either way, by its very nature, an attack itself on someone else's opinion).

There are folk who think the U25C was a great looking locomotive. My first statement above, whether true or not for me, is still an attack on their opinion, because it tacitly states that I am saying that my opinion is better than theirs.

It doesn't matter what board you post on, or what topic you choose, if you take a side on something (swimming pools are ugly, Kia's are cheap, rocky road is the best ice cream) you will have other people who feel differently read that and feel challenged.

If you want to post an opinion like EMD is greater than GE, you just have to accept that you are starting a battle. If you are up for the battle, have fun at it. If you don't want the battle, you're better off posting less opinion and more requests for advice and assistance. It' 100% up to you, which you prefer.

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